.……Need an idea for a thought­ful Anniver­sary gift? Below is a guide to help you find the per­fect present to com­mem­o­rate the years you’ve spent together. Listed are both the tra­di­tional and mod­ern Anniver­sary gems and pre­cious metals.


1st Anniv. - Gold & Peridot 18th- Cat’s Eye & Chrysoberyl
2nd- Garnet 19th- Aquamarine
3rd- Pearls & Jade 20th- Emer­ald & Yel­low Diamond
4th- Blue Topaz 21st- Iolite
5th- Sap­phire & Pink Tourmaline 22nd- Spinel
6th- Amethyst & Turquoise 23rd- Golden Topaz
7th- Onyx & Yel­low Sapphire 24th- Tanzanite
8th- Green Tour­ma­line & Tanzanite 25th- Silver
9th- Lapis Lazuli 30th- Pearls
10th- Diamond 35th- Coral & Emerald
11th- Turquoise & Citrine 40th- Ruby
12th- Jade & Opal 45th- Sapphire
13th- Cit­rine & Moon­stone 50th- Gold
14th- Opal 55th- Emer­ald & Alexandrite
15th- Ruby & Alexan­drite 60th- Gold & Diamond
16th- Peri­dot & Red Spinel 65th- Blue Spinel
17th- Watches 70th- Diamond